Hello ._.
I'm Vanessa Perpetua Celebrado...
As an artist wannabe, I will primary
use this blog to post my works. This
will be a portfolio/sketchbook type of
thing...I guess o.O...This is sort of my
second step to the whole "coming out
of my shell" process. So yeah...let's
see how this all works out in the end.
August 16th 14 · 0 notes
The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls for your best. Epictetus

August 16th 14 · 0 notes
Deserve your dream. Octavio Paz

August 11th 14 · 4 notes

In this world/

There is you, me and our child/

Our paths collided/

Our lives intertwined/

In each others’ presence/

Hopes burst/

Dreams come alive/

We laugh/

We cry/

We sacrifice/

That is the life of you, me and our child/

Simply a rollercoaster ride

April 13th 14 · 4 notes

It struck me
in the wake of day
the meaning of
the life growing inside of me

It is life
I created with
my true love

A symbol of 

what we have

and cherish

A living


of our existence

A gift

that will push us

to our evolution

January 30th 14 · 2 notes

I seek a golden


to light my path 

to a golden 

future with 


November 25th 13 · 0 notes

thinking instead of doing

dreaming instead of creating

floating instead of swimming 

stuck in a limbo between thought and action

paralyzed to idleness

October 20th 13 · 1 note

love leaves you most vulnerable



pushes you to cross boundaries you would have never imagined crossing

September 8th 13 · 3 notes

If you take one step

to the future you dream of

what happens to the shackle

that binds you

to your reality?

Will it disintegrate

one chain after another


will it tighten its grip


you have no choice 


to cut off a part of yourself

You have to either

let go 


that vital part 

that’s chaining you down


be stuck

in a reality 

where your dreams can’t exist

September 8th 13 · 1 note

What do you do with annoying nosy people

Who think they live in a perfect world and know better than you

Do you smile and nod patiently at the primate before you

While you shake your head in the inside 

and wish that they could see the world with another pair of eyes…

Or would you gaze at them analytically

and slowly pick at their brain 

until they are heaving in frustration 

I wish I knew what to do with the primates running about

causing drama and havoc in other people’s lives

They keep grinning and pointing their fingers

thinking they know better

They puff their chest in snobbery

believing that everyone else is stupid

when in reality 

they’re just being tolerated like children

who knows no better

August 15th 13 · 2 notes

In time of desperation, people will value job and security over freedom. 

August 15th 13 · 2 notes

My life with you 

is blossoming to 

something even I 

can’t imagine. 

With each step we 

gain momentum

climbing stairs that 

suddenly appeared

before our eyes.

Discovering doors 

on pathways that 

we thought we 

would never graze. 

                Each day 

                    I hold your hand

                        as we continue walking down

                              this maze

                                   hoping that this journey will 

                                       never end. 

August 10th 13 · 1 note

I wrote down your name on a piece of paper

Because I missed you

I gazed at it once

Glanced at it twice

And thought of your face crinkled with a smile

I imagined you sleeping and dreaming 

Of numbers, technology, history and geology

Curled up in your boxers

Naked and vulnerable

These thoughts clouded my mind 

As I gaze outside the counter

Drinking coffee

Watching passengers

As they rush about with their suitcases 

Also lost in their thoughts

As they head out

Towards their destination 

August 9th 13 · 1 note

the moon in the sky 

came gazing down the poor merchant’s eyes

his weary sigh 


into sweet lullabies

mesmerized and tantalized 

a glimmering hope 


the poor man’s eyes

and with that

the moon said 




July 29th 13 · 6 notes

If you

think about

how the universe was made

how mankind came to existence

then you’d realize 


you’re made of magic

Whatever that may mean

Stardusts are woven in your DNA

Isn’t it amusing

to realize 


you were walking around


going about your daily life



you were carrying that light

Perhaps you’ve been too distracted

too preoccupied

thinking about troubles

that kept you awake late at night

Your love life 

or lack of one


and how you wish it could grow in trees

School work

Paper work


how it takes up your day

and gives you no room to play

All these things that makes your heartache

All that drama


and headaches

And that gigantic boulder

you carry around your shoulders

They will vanish 

when you think about 

how the universe was made 

how mankind came to existence

and when you’d realize


you are made of magic


July 29th 13 · 1 note

Why do people chose to keep bad memories and forget the good ones?

Why do we choose to let scars blemish our skin? 

Why do we punish ourselves for things we can’t control?

Why do we drive ourselves in a corner and neglect the thought that there will always be a way out?

Why do we passively wait for faith and destiny to change our luck? 

Why do we forget that we always have a choice?